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Doctor K. Govender has been treating male and female body builders for more than 11 years.These include:amateur, proffessional body builders,miss fitness and bikini athletes. Doctor Govender is a certified, health care professional who practices in this field. With his expertise he is able to advise on:


*Supplementation ...

*Bloods, blood pressure, ECG's & other relevant investigations...

*Managing side effects(MOST COMMON PROBLEM)...



PRP(Platelet rich plasma).Treatment with PRP has become an increasingly popular tool used in soft tissue augmentation as well as bone regeneration.

Soft tissue augmentation includes:

*facial rejuvenation therapy for wrinkles and solar damaged skin.

*surgery-free repair of sports injuries.

*cutaneous wound remodelling.


It is my opinion that most athletes get bad advice from gym instructors,steroid dealers and uneducated gym rats!

Use a doctor.Especially one who bodybuilds as well!