Botox is a purified protein which is injected into the muscles between the eyebrows. These muscles have over time caused the frown lines in your forehead and by relaxing the muscles the frown lines will smooth out after a few days, giving you a relaxed, youthful look.

The injections which last up to four months, are always given by Doctor Govender and is very quick. A very fine needle along with Doctor Govenders years of expertise, will cause minimum discomfort.

After the treatment you are ready to go on with your daily life. There is no recovery period, bruising or swelling from the treatment. Botox does not cause any loss of facial expressions. Only the targeted muscles are affected and you will not look as if you "had work done". The most common remarks you will hear are: "You look so relaxed" or "you look happy today". So keep in mind, the next time you make that remark to a coworker of friend, it may very well be because she or he had a Botox treatment. After all it is the most used medical aesthetic treatment in the world.