Derma Fillers are injectable substances used to restore or enhance fullness to the lips or to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.


Aging Skin Problems that Wrinkle Fillers can Help Reduce:



*Lines on the forehead and around the eyes

*Sunken or acne scars

*Lines or wrinkles between the nose and lips


Dermal fillers are skin rejuvenation cosmetic procedures designed to reduce the signs of aging, offered by expert physician Doctor Govender at Silverton Aesthetic Institute.

The process of aging often leaves its mark on our faces. Sun exposure, laughing, worrying and even smiling can lightly damage the tissues that make up our faces. Doctor Govender can help reverse the signs of aging through the use of injections.

The injections reduce the signs of aging by diminishing frown lines, forehead creases and other facial lines.